Residential Retrofit assessment platform and demonstrations for near zero energy and CO2 emissions with optimum coST, health, comfort and environmental quality.
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Cluster International Conference, Bologna 16 December 2019.

ECRC was invited to present ReCO2ST at a Cluster International Conference in Bologna organised by the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna. Purpose of the conference was to bring together and present the state of the art on technological and energy saving innovative solutions for the built environment, produced through H2020 funded projects (TES Energy Façade, MORE-CONNECT, RenoZEB, P2Endure, 4RinEU, TESSe2b, ZERO-PLUS, SMART GEMS, GridAbility), ReCO2ST being one of them. Currently plethora of solutions is being produced, especially with regards to retrofitting the existing building stock. The need to accelerate renovation in Europe was highlighted as well as the need to start involving end-users from an early stage so as to assist awareness spreading and uptake of the proposed solutions.

RECO2st Bolonga


4th Progress Meeting, Würzburg 3&4 December 2019

The 4th ReCO2ST progress Meeting took place in Würzburg, on 3&4 December 2019. The integrated ReCO2ST platform was presented at this meeting. As the platform is ready for testing and validation, discussions evolved around its unique value proposition, the potential users of the platform and the target market. The ReCO2ST platform offers credible renovation solutions based on credible budget planning, credible renovation scenarios and credible energy savings estimation. Read more about it in the following article.

reco2st platform

Presentation of the ReCO2ST platform during the progress meeting in Würzburg.

ReCO2ST demo sites

This summer two of the ReCO2ST demo sites completed the renovation works and have entered the monitoring period. In London a student hall of the Brunel University was renovated. The ReCO2ST technologies installed are the AeroPlant™ and Casetta™Aeroplant by Alchemia Nova, the Smart Window by Horn Vinduer, CPV developed at Brunel and vacuum insulation panels by va-Q-tec. Cool roof coating is also planned to be applied on the building roof. The Aeroplant has been installed

Automatable bio-technical indoor air-treatment systems based on the air purification, cooling and humidification properties of specially selected plants. Casetta™Aeroplant (left) and AeroPlant™ (right) by Alchemia Nova installed in Brunel student hall


Smart Window; Smart Ventilation Windows integrated with solar energy harvesting, self-cooling and exhaust air heat recovery, developed by Horn Vinduer and installed in Brunel student hall.


Vaccum Insulation Panels (VIPs) developed by va-Q-tec during installation works.


Air- cooled CPV panels able to deliver 40% higher annual power production than a similarly sized conventional flat PV panel have been developed by and installed at Brunel.

The demo site in Vevey is an apartment building, built in 1912. In Vevey the ReCO2ST technologies that have been installed and are currently being tested are the AeroPlant™ developed by Alchemia Nova, the CPV packages developed at Brunel University and the Smart Window developed by Horn Vinduer. The Inauguration of the renovated building took place on 26 September 2019 in the presence of local stakeholders and local press, where the innovative renovation methodology proposed by ReCO2ST was presented. pv

CPV Packages developed by Brunel and installed on the roof of the Vevey case study (left), AeroPlant™ in an apartment of the demo site in Vevey (right).


Vevey demo site before(left) and after(right) renovation.

ReCO2ST Video

The first ReCO2ST video presenting the innovative technologies of the ReCO2ST Retrofit Kit has been produced and uploaded on the ReCO2ST channel on YouTube. Click the following link to watch it

ReCO2ST Blog

A new Blog section is available in the Knowledge Centre of the ReCO2ST website. Insights from the ReCO2ST partners will be shared through this outlet. Click the following link to read the ReCO2ST : Blog

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