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ReCO2ST demo sites’ news


Demo site description: The demonstration site in London is located in Uxbridge, West London and consists of a four storey apartment block with 23 apartments. Pre-monitoring was carried out and various technologies have been installed since the project initiated. Retrofit measures were applied including 20m2 of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs), smart windows, PV panels of 4kWp in total, Concentrating PVs (CPVs), innovative HVAC with mechanical ventilation and Phase Change Material (PCM) storage, cool materials and nature based solutions (1 cassette unit and 1 aeroplant unit).

Demo site in Uxbridge, London

Latest update: Post-monitoring was carried out between September 2019 and June 2021 in one apartment. Electric meters were installed to measure the performance of the PVs, CPVs and consumption at various points. Temperature, relative humidity (RH) and CO2 measurements were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the cool materials, VIPs, smart window and phase mechanical ventilator with PCM. Furthermore, users’ feedback were sought on the acceptability of the technologies. The next phase concerns the evaluation of the performance of the ReCO2ST technologies based on energy, environmental and economic criteria as well as comfort.


Demo site description: The demonstration site in Vevey, consists of a typical 15 apartments building situated in an old district of the city of Vevey, near Lausanne. Pre-monitoring was carried out followed by renovation works including regular exterior and interior renovations as well as the installation of smart windows, 20kWp of PV panels, 1 CPV unit and 1 aeroplant unit.

reco2st platform

Demo site in Vevey, Switzerland

Latest update: Post-monitoring took place from October 2019 and will go on until December 2021 to gather data on electricity consumption and production, heating consumption, DHW energy consumption, indoor temperature, CO2 and humidity. Results are being evaluated versus Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to economics, energy efficiency, environmental performance, health and comfort.


Demo site description: Demo site description: The demo site located in the southern coast of Cadiz in Spain, is a social housing residential 28-apartment block of four floors in total. Initially, major structural renovations took place including the insulation of external walls, replacement of windows, installation of window shading devices and installation of solar thermal panels and heat pumps for DHW. As part of the project, various technologies, were also installed comprising of VIPs, PVs, CPVs, HVAC systems with evaporative cooling, a Cooling Evaporative and Ventilated Facade (CEVF), 1 aeroplant unit and an intelligent energy management system (IEMS).

reco2st platform

Demo site following major renovations in Cadiz, Spain

Latest update: The post-monitoring phase is expected to start this month (July 2021) and will be carried out in 6 apartments (2 in each floor, to account for north and south orientation) to capture measurements of RH, indoor temperature, CO2 and VOC. The functionality of the IEMS will be tested to explore optimal systems’ operation.


Demo site description: The demo site in Frederikshavn is a three storey social housing apartment block with 58 apartments located in the area of Munkeparken in Denmark. Pre-monitoring took place from November 2020 until May 2021.

reco2st platform

Demo site in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Latest update: ReCO2ST project technologies of VIP, smart windows with PCM and nature based solutions are being integrated since June 2021. The post-monitoring phase involving measurements of indoor temperature, RH and CO2 will start immediately after the integration of technologies has finished.

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Latest activities

Innovation Management Workshop

On 12th of May 2021, CORE organized an online workshop to familiarize all partners with Innovation Management activities, discuss and create guidelines on future exploitation aspects, and assess the Innovation Margins for ReCO2ST innovative technologies and toolkits. Consortium partners finalized ReCO2ST customer segments and the value propositions addressing their needs, analyzed the pros and cons of a joint venture, and evaluated the technology and market readiness of their individual innovations as well as of the joint results (RAT & Retrofit Tool). Finally partners came up with suggestions regarding the necessary steps to reach their innovation margins.

reco2st platform

Innovation Management Workshop, online

7th Progress Meeting

The 7th ReCO2ST project web meeting took place on the 8th and 9th of June. ReCO2ST partners had the opportunity to discuss the project status, reflect on activities performed, coordinate actions and plan ahead during several workshops in two very productive days.

reco2st platform

7th progress meeting, online

Open Lecture “Retrofitting Residential Buildings to Net Zero Energy” at Brunel Research Festival by Professor Maria Kolokotroni

Professor Maria Kolokotroni gave an open lecture on ReCO2ST innovative solutions on 25th May 2021 in the framework of the Brunel Research Festival. The lecture was attended by participants from the Brunel University London and the local community.
The link for the open lecture is

reco2st platform

Open lecture on ReCO2ST by Professor M. Kolokotroni

ReCO2ST Special Session in Advanced Building Skins 2021 Conference

ReCO2ST partners organise a special session entitled “Innovative Solutions for Deep Renovation of Buildings” which will take place on the 22nd of October 2021 in Bern, Switzerland. The special session will be chaired by Professor Francisco José Sánchez de La Flor from the University of Cadiz in Spain and Angeliki Mavrigiannaki from the European Cool Roofs Council. Presentations will include a variety of innovative solutions and technologies for deep renovation of buildings developed in the framework of the ReCO2ST project as well as in sister projects. You may find the agenda of this event by using the link:

ReCO2ST workshop in CISBAT 2021 Conference, 9th September 2021

ReCO2ST Innovations to accelerate the Renovation Wave” is a workshop organised by ESTIA and involves the participation of ReCO2ST partners to reflect on various key issues such as the energy transition strategy, deep refurbishment and environmental payback, EPIQR web and RenovaLab platform as well as the innovative Business Model Kit developed in the framework of the ReCO2ST project. More information about this event is available here:

ReCO2ST Educational Material

ReCO2ST partners, led by Aalborg University, are preparing educational material on the ReCO2ST methodology and technologies. The material will be available in form of e-learning through Moodle. The release of the educational material is expected by September 2021.

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