Cadiz demo site news

The demo site located in the southern coast of Cadiz in Spain, is a social housing residential 28-apartment block of four floors in total. Initially, major structural renovations took place including the insulation of external walls, replacement of windows, installation of window shading devices and installation of solar thermal panels and heat pumps for DHW.  As part of the project, various technologies, were also installed comprising of VIPs, PVs, CPVs, HVAC systems with evaporative cooling, a Cooling Evaporative and Ventilated Facade (CEVF), 1 aeroplant unit and an intelligent energy management system (IEMS).

The post-monitoring phase is expected to start this month (July 2021) and will be carried out in 6 apartments (2 in each floor, to account for north and south orientation) to capture measurements of RH, indoor temperature, CO2 and VOC. The functionality of the IEMS will be tested to explore optimal systems’ operation.