Electrical neutral building in Switzerland

During this sunny week (6-9 April 2020) the case study in Vevey, Switzerland produced more than what the 17 families consumed in the building. 676 kWh, were produced and the building consumed 610 kWh; directly 314 kWh of solar electricity were consumed. 51% of electricity total consumption is consumed directly from local renewable production, and the other 49% is imported from the grid, completely compensated by he 54% of the produced solar energy that is exported to the grid when there is more production than consumption. This week the case study was electricity neutral, yearly speaking it is also expected to produce more than what the building is going to consume.

This video was captured on 9 April 2020. Switzerland is also in confinement period due to Covid-19 outbreak, but commute to work is allowed, so the case study representative was on the roof to collect the energy saving data from the innovative RECO2ST concentration solar collector, it was 12:30 pm, the same time that the Swiss people applause the doctors and nurses!