Innovations to Accelerate the Renovation Wave Workshop

The Workshop “Innovations to Accelerate the Renovation Wave” is now available to watch!

The event was held on 9 September 2021 in the framework of CISBAT21 Conference.


Flourentzos Flourentzou – Estia:Welcome / Introduction

Gerard Greuter – Retraites Populaires : Energy transition strategy

Flourentzos Flourentzou – Estia: Tilleuls 1 deep refurbishment, the Swiss ReCO2st case study

Sara Bourgarel – City of Fribourg: How ReCO2st supports the retrofitting-strategy of the city building stock

Edouard Philippe – EPIQR Rénovation : EPIQR web and RenovaLab platform

Florian Buchter – Groupe E : Innovative Business Model Kit for rapid energy transition

Round table – Propositions and interrogations for accelerating the renovation wave