Workshop at CISBAT2021: “Innovations to Accelerate the Renovation Wave”

9 September 2021 16h30-18h00
SwissTech Convention Center / EPFL (also available online)

Reducing refurbishment costs is the first condition to accelerate the renovation wave, but to transform good intentions into decisions and decisions into realized projects, new business models are required. 

The H2020 ReCO2st research project, set up to provide guidance for cost, time and energy efficient refurbishment, has produced methods and tools that are now ready to be used in practice.

In this seminar, we introduce a web based refurbishment assessment platform combining existing and new tools that enables energy experts to optimise deep refurbishment scenarios and calculate a credible refurbishment budget.

A demonstration project in Vevey shows how these tools were used to determine the optimum trade-off between energy savings and renewable energy, resulting in a sober, cost efficient deep refurbishment of a heritage building, compatible with 2000 Watts society targets.

The City of Fribourg, as an early adopter site, will present how ReCO2st tools and business model kit can support their building stock renovation strategy.

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