Demo site characteristics

Type: Apartment blocks
Size: three story apartment block with  58 apartments
Total area: 4235 m2



Demo site description

The demonstration site #3 consist of a three story apartment block with 58 apartments located in the city of Frederikshavn, in the area Munkeparken. The demonstrator building has a built area of 4235  m2. The building is part of a complex comprising in total 4 buildings and belongs to the social housing company Frederikshavn Boligforening (FB). The retrofit intervention will include replacement of windows with smart windows, VIP insulation around smart windows, and installation of Nature Based Cabinets for IEQ.  The rehabilitation plan has been scheduled for summer 2020.

Current Conditions

The building was constructed in the 1960’s using massive brick for external and internal walls, concrete slabs and wooden roof construction. The facade cavity has previously undergone refurbishment where air cavity has been filled in with mineral wool granulate.


FB approved in 2012 a long-term energy policy, where the goal was to establish “zero-energy apartments” or as minimum apartments that fulfill Danish NZEB requirements of maximum energy use of 20 kWh/m2 year of primary energy. At present several apartment blocks both new and renovated fulfill this goal. FB has developed their own building energy monitoring system to be able to monitor energy use and IEQ in individual apartments as well as local renewable energy production, which is implemented in all new constructions and renovations.

ReCO2ST Objectives

The goal is to further enrich the approved NZEB rehabilitation plan by applying the developed RAT-module to identify and develop the most cost-effective combination of energy efficiency measures and solutions for renewable energy production for the 66 apartments in the two apartment blocks. This includes to demonstrate the performance and cost-effectiveness of the RECO2ST Retrofit-Kit on a number of selected apartments. As mentioned above FB has already established a monitoring system with user feedback included for part of their building stock. An important objective of the RECO2ST project is to demonstrate that further development of this system with efficient building energy management modules can improve the cost effectiveness of the energy system by increasing the utilization of renewable energy sources and reduction of energy use in apartments.